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Hello there! I just wanted to say that you made for such an amazing Suzie Q (the best imo which my friends agree with too) and Hot Pants! You were such a sweet cosplayer and thanks for making me feel less awkward at the photoshoot since I literally had no idea what to do (yes I was Lucy right next to you when you were still wearing the Chopper hat lol)! :D

Hey there! You were an adorable Lucy, thank you for posing with me! I know sometimes thinking of poses on the spot can be difficult haha. (And I’m glad I could be entertaining at least lolol)

hi there! this is ff from the jojo shoot on saturday, i believe i ran into you in the artist alley at some point? but anyways, i just wanted to stop by and say that it was so nice to meet you this weekend! you made such a fantastic hot pants and were so sweet, and i really hope you had a great otakon !!

AHH you were so adorable! I loved your cosplay, FF is probably my favorite from part 6. It was wonderful to run into you as well. I hope you had a fun time as well <3 Here’s a photo I snagged of you: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/gaiaart/Otakon%202014/IMG_5261.jpg